Nisshinbo CNC Turret Punch Press HIQ-1250

Supplier - Metallkraft

Nisshinbo CNC Turret Punch Press HIQ-1250

HIQ – 1250 offers a more comfortable working environment by eliminating the environmental problems such as noise and vibration, which are now essential issues.

The servo-controlled hydraulic press drive has expanded the uses of the machine into the area where mechanical presses could not afford, such as increased hit rates and control of the bottom dead centre.

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Technical Spec

Machine – HIQ – 1250


Pressing capacity – 22 ton

Ram stroke speed – 50 mm

Max.ram speed    – 470 mm/s

Inertia down distance – 12 mm

Quick stop time – 25 ms

Max. stop time – 64 ms

Tooling type – Amada Thick

Input voltage – 415v

Phase – 3

Frequency – 50Hz

Capacity – 42KVA

Full-load current – 59A

Machine weight – 17 ton

MFG. No. – HIQN – 99026

MFG. Month / Year – 3 / 1999

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