Semi-Automatic | Twin Mitre

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Metal-cutting band saw with pivoting saw head

for economic and precise work

The Optimum S285DG band saw is a twin mitre band saw with adjustable down feed also known as auto cut due to the adjustable down feed and the motor switching off at the end of the cut, the closing and opening of the vice and the lifting of the saw bow are operated manually, the S285DG band saw has a 27mm wide blade and a 3 phase motor.

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Technical Spec

Technical specifications

Electrical connection :- 400v / 3ph ~ 50Hz

Motor output :- 1.1kw

Coolant pump motor :- 100w

General instructions

Lifting the saw head :- manual

Feed :- continuously variable

Saw band speed :- 45 / 90 m/min

Saw band :- 27mm wide

Cutting angle :-  -45° to 60°


Length :- 1720mm

Width without/with material stop :- 870mm/1270mm

Height bottom/top limit position :- 1280mm/1800mm

Weight :- 295kg

Key Features

 Low-noise running action
 Heavy cast design
 Excellent cutting precision  thanks to vibration-free action
 Ball-bearing borne saw band guide
 Chip brush
 Automatic saw switch-off after completing the cut
 Rugged machine chassis
 Equipped as a factory standard with bi-metal saw blade
 Material stop with scaling
 Quick clamping vice, adjustable via hand wheel. workpiece is clamped using a handy quick-clamping lever
 End stops adjustable to degree accuracy
 Fully equipped; the user can immediately start productive work after commissioning

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