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Technical Spec



Pressure Force (t): 175

Bending Length (a): 3050 mm

Stand Passageway (b): 2600 mm

Stroke: 265 mm

Installation Height: 530 mm

Reach: 410 mm

Rapid Mode: 120 mm/s

Bending Speed: 10 mm/s

Retraction: 100 mm/s

Motor output: 18.5 kW

X Axis Stroke: 650 mm

X Axis Speed: 500 mm/s

R Axis Stroke: 250 mm

R Axis Speed: 350 mm/s

Table Width: 104 mm

Table Height: 900 mm

Crowning: Motoroised

Support Arms / Rear Stop Fingers: 2/2 pc

Oil Tank Capacity: 250l

Weight: 11500 kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4250 x 1700 x 2750 mm

CNC Control Cybelec ModEva 15T

The 3D control Modeva 15T with extra large 15″ touchscreen monitor.

Numeric programming of sections and simultaneous display in a 3D graphic.

After creating the section, the bending sequence is automatically computed.

The bending sequences are graphically simulated.

Crowning is supported

Up to 12 further optional axes supported in addition to 4 standard axes (y1, Y2, X and R) and motorised table crowning

Automatic computation of the following functions: bending sequence, rear stop position for known external dimensions,

tool safety zones, compression force, bending tolerance, crowning, stretched length, embossing force, radius bending.

Graphical tool and product library.

Collision monitoring.

USB interface for mouse, keyboard and data transfer.

Offline 3D software.

15″ touchscreen

Key Features

Very heavy, rugged welded steel construction, stress free annealing

Graphical 3D CNC control Cybelec Modeva RA with generously dimensioned 15″ touchscreen, intuitive operation

CNC controlled Y1, Y2, X and R axis and motorised table crowning

X axis 650 mm, guided on linear rails and driven via play free ball screws

2 rear stop fingers guided in longitudinal direction on double linear rail

Motorised R axis, automatic height adjustment of rear stop fingers via ball screw

Positioniong of top beam with a resolution of 0.01 mm

Measuring system decoupled from side stands to compensate for side stand deflection

Manual top tool quick release with cam lever and promecam/amada system

Solid low maintenance 4 x guides on top beam

Large side stand overhang of 410 mm

2 sheet support arms with T groove and tilting cams, guided on linear rail in longitudinal direction

Fiessler AKAS ll safety device travels with the top beam

Fiessler FSPC safety PLC

Premium hydraulic components (bosch, rexroth, hydac, atos)

Easy operation via mobile foot pedal console with emergency stop

Electronically monitored side and rear doors

Hydraulic operation

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