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Metallkraft HPS45S steelworker is a compact 5 station single cylinder ironworker with a 45 ton capacity and can be used to punch holes, shear flat plate, shear angle, shear round/square bar and notch, it has detachable front table to enable punching of angle leg down, this particular steelworker has the advantage of a T bed to secure the bolster making it easier to adjust or adapt for special tooling, Metallkraft steelworkers can be adapted to take a variety of different tooling.

Steelworkers are a very simple machine to use and can significantly speed up your production, for more specifications please see below or call 01702 290290 to speak with one of our experienced members of staff.

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Technical Spec

Machine Specifications

Motor Output :-  4kW

Electrical Connection :- 400v/50Hz

Net Weight :-  1165kg

Dimensions :-  1430 x 950 x 1780mm


Pressure :-  45t

Max capacity :-  22 x 15mm , 38 x 8mm

Throat :-  175mm

Stroke :-  50mm

Stroke/min :- 20

Hole punch working height :-  935mm

Round and Square

Round / Rectangle :-  Ø 30 / 25

Angle Iron

90 Ø cut :- 100 x 100 x 10mm

45 Ø cut :-  70 x 70 x 6mm

Working height :-  1140mm

Flat Steel

Max material thickness :-  200 x 15mm

Max material size :-  300 x 12mm

Cutter Length :-  316mm

Angular cut :-  80 x 80 x 10mm

Working height :-  935mm


Max material thickness :-  8mm

Width :-  35mm

Depth :-  75mm

Optional Equipment

U-I moulding knife :-  80 x 45mm

T profile cutter :-  40 x 5mm

V notching tools :-  100 x 100 x 10mm

Key Features

Foot pedal control
Punching station
Flat shear station
Angle shear station
Round and square bar shear station
Tables and stops
C spanner
Punch and die holders / reducers
Operation manual
Hydraulic oil

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